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Adios, Magic Carpet

February 22, 2009



Three Poems for Springtime

February 22, 2009

Poem 1
Arts and Crafts
she folds her thoughts careful to create
a superstitious number
of pleats        fans herself with satisfaction

hands the fan to her man

he smooths it out         painstakingly
sweats and wonders as he works
where that woman-cooled wind has gone
Poem 2
Magnetic Bee

what pulls you up
pulls you over
like a

spring & everything sex & scent & sap rising

in the blood of us all
how lovely to be small
& full of sting

to be fat & drunk with flight
to lap the glassy anodyne

to let go of every thought that slakes

that breaks

the pull
Poem 3
cordless phone

you hold it in your hand        up to your ear a line of dots
your mouth        speak into another line of dots
as there’s no curly wire        to tether your thoughts

walk around the room        the house
you’re a semi-domesticated dog         off the leash
you’re on the couch        in the kitchen        on the bed

walk outside cordless
your hair is getting longer        your shoes
left inside        tiny green leaf confetti

from the mesquite tree brightly floats and falls
into your tumultuous hair        your wide-open wood-brown
eyes        into your wildly acrobatic mouth

singing along with the ringing purr
singing along to the song in your head
singing out a single, impulsive         hello