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Hand of Wretched Love

April 20, 2009
hand of wretched love

hand of wretched love


Three Poems About Writing Poetry

April 20, 2009

Poem 1

You’ve Written this Poem Before

you know this line
after that line
like the mailman after lunch        or
monsoon rain after drought

the poem hesitates        no        that’s an intentional pause
the poem has an occasional stuttering of sense
no        that’s pre-arranged ambiguity
but now the poem has a burst
of lyrical love-words        wisteria prettily draping

springtime lazy across your lattice-work of words
it’s o.k. to sit there
enjoy the sleepy purple-tinted shade
the animated green-dappled shadow
dip your hummingbird

tongue into any random blossom
take a sip and shake the dust
from your iridescent, feathered cape
and trust me
you’ve written this poem before
Poem 2

Don’t Look in Here

the poet is writing
and is easily distracted

this is serious stuff
do you not understand the mortal risk

in the composition of poetry
when the muse is annoyed?
Poem 3

Poem as Canopic Jar*

What better container
for what is useful no longer
for what has been replaced
with folds of linen
sprinkled with scented oil

the head of a hyena’s sister
we will give this jar
for a stopper fierce unyielding
her smile a grimace
a cloaked laugh at our efforts

where is the niche
for such a treasure
what candle-flickered nook
or lichen-embraced grotto
waits to be discovered

what combination of constellations
what wrinkle in the brain
will at last summon the wind
to blow dust off the shelf
to slam the door
* This poem previously appeared in Erete’s Bloom, Spring 2000, Number 1