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June 19, 2009



Three Poems Contemplating Beauty

June 19, 2009

Poem 1

Herding the Sheep Clouds

like little pockets
gather soft lint
your thoughts

are tiny films
flickering amber
ideas         blossom

into great
lazy sheep clouds
grazing         treetops

hum-humming hungry
tasting beauty
for the first time

Poem 2

A Cricket Beneath the Bed

what scratchy songs
tattoo midnight’s silent skin
opening dreameyes
to your message pulsing
through the frigid depths
outside of time
a quickening
of every drowsy cell        every star spilled
inside the sleeper’s head
the throb the chirp the light
dripping        pooling        at last
the soul deciding to take off
her clothes        and swim

Poem 3

How Could You Be Otherwise

a silhouette behind a rice paper screen
that’s what you were
before you were born
indistinct        shadowy        a world
slowly turning towards dawn
that was the dream of you

lank black hair and brown eyes        child of mine
how could you be otherwise
then the dreamer awoke
a gnome        an old soul
blue eyed and blondish
fourteen years later

long-limbed and curious
musical and beautiful
you are light articulated
you are the why and because
you are the salt the sugar the vinegar
of my very being


Highway Diner: Winslow, Arizona

June 11, 2009

Highway Diner Winslow


Three Short Poems for a Summer Afternoon

June 11, 2009

Poem 1

The duck drifts close
to the edge of a man-made
waterfall, too busy preening to consider
what’s over the edge.
Poem 2

Mid-afternoon miniature golf:
small children with scuffed putters.
Parents wisely stand back.
Poem 3

Like a dog, a little boy
chases ducks along the rim
of the pond. Yelping with joy
as they scatter.