My Favorite Monsters

April 28, 2010

Because I do loveses them so. Fictional monsters are always so much fun — good hair, nice teeth, highly photogenic and come with a spicy dose of yummy bad-boyness — and when you’re bored with them, you may put them back in their carrying cases.

Grave Robber from Repo! The Genetic Opera:

If you want to see him in action, lookee here and good luck getting this song out of your head.

Here’s a bit of good advice, applicable in a variety of situations:

“Don’t taunt the fear demon. . . . It’s just . . . tacky.”

— Rupert Giles, Fear, Itself


And, of course, here’s Spike:

And here’s an excellent pastiche of Spike moments, thanks to Chripper2.


But, truly, household monsters are my most favoritest, because they may take their masks off, revealing the sweet humanity underneath:

Which leads us to a sentimental little monster & maker poem:


Private Gothic

I choose to hide in my turret, smitten
with that wasting disease,
imagination, devouring my brain.

For company I’ve built a monster,
giving it life from light hemorrhaging
through the ruby glass in my window.

Here he is! Be kind, he’s a baby,
a snippet whipped out of the egg-shell
that shaped him,

stamped him like a royal seal
imprinting my sword and shield
onto the hot waxy teardrop

of his heart. See how he takes my hand,
he knows his mamma! Bigger
than I am, my little nightmare!

Around and around, he follows
my footsteps. We have for an orchestra
the dinosaur caw of birds, the lunar

love songs of curs. Late into the night,
hallucinating with weariness, you
may glimpse us dancing

past our burning window, ballroom dancing
shadows of mother and son,
monster and maker. Don’t bother

to knock on the door, or throw
your voice to the window; as long as the music plays,
who could stop dancing to answer?


(Appeared originally in Illumen, November 2009)


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