‘Tis a Beautiful Day in the Desert Southwest

April 28, 2010

‘Tis also the season for all manner of critters to come crawling back to the luscious warmth of the sun. Sometimes they’re very tame and mellow, sometimes not. Here’s a friendly gal climbing all over my husband (don’t they always?):

And here’s a poem for her, which I wrote while part of the late Will Inman‘s poetry workshop (which he very much enjoyed — the poem, I mean, though I know he loved his workshop):


Tarantula on the Patio

all morning        nothing
the shade shrinks then stretches
leans across the radiating adobe brick        nothing
until the door slams
& she tumbles
into the heat of the day rump upwards
good heavens        don’t we all


True poem, as the tarantula was creeping around on our front patio. I scooped her up in a hat and loosed her into the oleander across the street. But that was years ago. Here’s what I found on our front patio after the last wave of rain (probably a wave goodbye until August):


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