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Jesus with a Light Saber

July 29, 2010

Feeling in need of a little pick-me-up.  What better than an image of Jesus with a light saber?

Jesus, the times we’re living in.  I mean, Korah Mahtah, people. Korah Rahtahmah*.

So I’m a Star Wars nerd. If you don’t know already, the phrase is a  Sanskrit translation of a medieval Welsh poem. If you’re interested, look up Robert Graves’ translation of said poem Cad Goddeu (“The Battle of the Trees”) found in his work, The White Goddess.


Abandoned Places

July 17, 2010

All along Route 66 you’ll find abandoned places — everything from farmhouses to bars. People just walked away, leaving these structures behind. Maybe they haven’t been empty all that long, but nature moves in very quickly, reclaiming materials and space. Can’t help but wonder what happened to the people who left — who were they, what happened? Where did they go? It’s easy to see how people might believe in ghosts, looking at places like these.

Very picturesque, and poignant, in their own way.


And this place below — the only bar/roadhouse around for miles, must have seen some rowdy times.

But not any more.  Here’s my poem for an abandoned bar:

night, friend*

night, friend
questions nothing       no one

neither drunken beast
nor melancholy woman

dreams deceive
and fortune is loath

to swear fidelity
to any manner of mercy

vulgar chance offers
a cup of  kindness

better take a sip
before the bar closes

The decrepit barn below would be awfully creepy (it looks like it’s smiling! or worse, gasping), if it wasn’t for the industrial-looking set-up behind it.

We saw a couple of abandoned drive-ins; one was being used for a cattle grazing area — cows were dithering about, munching greenery between speaker posts, beneath the enormous, dilapidated movie screen. The one pictured below has no cows, so it’s even lonelier.

Here’s my interpretation of the lonesome essence of all these abandoned places:


*First published in Poetry @ the River Annual Review, Vol I, Summer 2008


Signs from the Heart (Land)

July 16, 2010

Fresh off the road from our excursion into America’s HeartLand.  Landscapes so lush and green! At least to my desert eye. Mucho amusing signage along the way, as well.  Here are some highway signs that caught my eye.

Can’t even begin to comment on this one, without being rude:

Speaking of stupid, we saw double-decker billboards from Oklahoma through Missouri and Iowa — not a pretty trend. I did like this one though:

Like Carlsbad Caverns, you start seeing signs for this attraction miles before you get close to it:

And now I’m sad:

You see something like that, and all you can say is, “Wow. just wow.” But I saved my favoritest highway signage for last:
Excellent advice, I’d say.

Now a bit of appropriate poetry, I think, for roadtripping — an excerpt from mah 3 part poem, In Dreams of Luggage:

the poet carries his own bag
packed with lumber,
lawsuits and untuned lyres

his vocabulary shimmies his thoughts
abandoned in the topy-turviest of tango dancing:
peacocks, pearls and pears