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End of Summer Randomness

August 23, 2010

Though school has started around here, it’s still summer-hot, so I am inclined to post more summer-stuff. We have an awesome  canyon nearby — Sabino Canyon — literally 10 minutes away. Once there, it’s a great place to go for a hike (just bring lots o’ water!). Here’s a little guy we spotted in Sabino, posing for a pic on a hot day — because when it just not hot enough to bake on a rock, you gotta bake on a black-top road. Ouchies.

Here’s another little guy — brought us his pretend-roadkill. Try to grab it, though, and he’ll dash away. He may look sweet, but he’s a real-life ratter — so he’s really fast!

Just try to grab it. I dare you.

Speaking of fast: Now my kiddo drives (with a learner’s permit)  — soon to be 16. Pictured below with car keys and pizza: teenage heaven.

Teenage Bliss.

Can’t leave without a summer-time poem (this form — with graphic underneath — is called a “wallpaper”, actually)


Delight in Details

August 12, 2010

Thanks to a wonderful comment/poem some one sent (Thank you, BendedSpoon!), I’m inspired to post a few more photos from Tucson’s Botanical Gardens. People who haven’t lived in (or bothered to visit) the Desert Southwest tend to assume it’s all sand dunes and cacti — we actually have green trees and vines and shrubs and flowers.  Grass out here, though, looks (and is) totally out of place (except for maybe on golf courses, but I digress).

Red Gutter, Green Vine


Pomegranates at Summer’s End

School starts for my son this week — so around here we feel it is truly summer’s end. Here’s his school picture — ’cause, you know, we’re all cowboys out here.



Of Painted Tiles and Baby Tarantulas

August 11, 2010

Had a surprise visit from a baby (!) tarantula — he appeared in our den (I say “appeared” as we didn’t see where he came from). Never seen one so small, either. Anyway, my husband took him outside to set him free (while I took video). Below are stills from that:

We have an old tile-topped table that we’ve recently cleaned up, and what a delightful scene came through the dust and grime:

Now that the monsoon rains have passed, everything is blooming, bright and colorful:

Even the chairs.


A Fire in the Sky, A Roadrunner, A Bodyguard

August 9, 2010

More monsoon clouds, which when they build up enough, birth spectacular sunsets:

Not sure what this rock formation is called — maybe castle rock, maybe table top — but we can see it from our house, and this is what it looked like Friday night:

Saturday morning, we had a visitor in our backyard — a roadrunner! My favorite bird out here — I take his visit as a good omen. What an awesome bird — they look not just intelligent, but like they have a plan.  They’ll look you right in the eye, like they’re sizing you up. He’s paid us a visit twice in the last week.  Hope he doesn’t want to eat our little dog.


My storm-child will work as Jack’s bodyguard:


Storms of August

August 3, 2010

This time of year, down here in the desert southwest, we get absolutely awesome cloud formations in the afternoons — precursors to our monsoons.

Hey, if this is the hole in the ozone, it looks like something painted by Michelangelo:

Then the storm hit last Saturday night, and flooded our back patio:

Oh No! Godzilla will drown!

Wrote the following poem when my son was still small; when we were new residents in Arizona, and the storms were still a bit frightening:


the rainclouds will come
like a ransom note
from unorganized kidnappers
small ragged clouds glued together
making one large dark thought
lurking like a sleeping snake
in your mailbox
no postage no return address no prints
no monetary amount mentioned
no victim
just the joy of the threat
the rise in your pulse rate
the urge to grab your child
and lock your doors


My  Storm-Child, then:

(Godzilla as a wee lad.)

. . . and now:

(Why so serious?)

(PS — Happy Birthday, Barbie! We love you!)