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Dinosaurs on Route 66, and Godzilla’s Shadow

November 7, 2010

Once upon a roadtrip, we found the Rainbow Rock Shop in Holbrook, Arizona — guarded by ginormous cement dinosaurs. For personal use only! (as the sign on the fence says). Can’t imagine using them in any other way — except maybe in construction à la the Flintstones.

In a parking lot on that same trip, we saw this designated-smoking-area sign:

Looks like he means business. Wonder what the “no smoking” signs around there look like. Below is a poem about coming to rest, after long travels — after covering a great distance both geographically, and emotionally:


In Another Life

I lay in the dry bed
of a river     watch the stars
swim like little fish     in the dawn lenticular
clouds converge     align with the cryptic
coordinates of my mind’s map     here
I am     a charm on a bracelet
here     the days are silver links
closed one by one
between my teeth


And now, a reminder that we all dwell in the Shadow of Godzilla: