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Snow on the Ocotillo

February 7, 2011

We, too have been having unseasonably cold weather down here in the desert Southwest — though (I know) not nearly as bad as some parts of this country.  And for some reason only known to God and Southwest Gas, our area has been without gas (and that means heat and hot water) for several days. We didn’t get any snow this winter (so far), but here’s some snow from a couple of years ago:

White snow, blue bike.

Snow on the ocotillo and prickly pear.

And what can you say when you look at this frozen fountain we spotted in Sedona, AZ, but “Ohs noes, it’s GLOBAL WARMIN’!”:

(My stepdaughter, Anne, inspired me to post that last pic.)

And what would winter be without a chilly poem:

Wisp of a Girl

She stole men’s keys and picked the locks
of their secrets

with fingernails she had sharpened
in determination,

thereby opening the doors to rooms
upholstered in ice.

In each room, she built the same snowman,
legless and blind, inviting her

to dance, closely.  And each time,
she preferred to be held

in her own arms, like an empty jar
trapping the black smoke

rising from the immolation
of her own desires.

(from my 1986 grad school thesis)