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One Pig to Rule Them All

March 22, 2011

Make of this what you will. (Insert snarky political commentary here.)
All I know is, when Jack the Rat Dog has on his red boots, he does not fear Godzilla in the back yard.

We should all have a pair of red boots.


Four Piglets and a Monkey Poem

March 14, 2011

What’s cuter than a piglet in red booties? Why, a piglet in boots — and hats! Sure, why not.


Arrrgh, mateys — behold ye that thar pirate pig.
Cowboy pig, at home on the range.
The standard party pig — every celebration has one.
Astro-pig — because the moon is made of bacon.

And a monkey poem:

in the office building

akin to chattering monkeys in the zoo
the clutch of women in the lobby:
outrage or glee, shrieks either way



Three-Dimensional Thriving Greenly

March 2, 2011

Because it’s a beautiful day out here, after a weekend with snow (!sign of the coming Apocalypse!). And because I’m back in touch with an old friend, things are looking up. Feeling inspired and full of Spring-fever.

The following poem was inspired by our burgeoning Springtime and the Iggy Pop song, “Pretty Flamingo,” a bonus track on his New Values CD. Take your inspiration where you can find it — and it’s often found in the most delightfully unpredictable places.

Three-Dimensional Thriving Greenly

who’s that in the yard
pretty flamingo legs
and glass-bead eyes     sparking
like lightning down a kite’s string    burning
your fingers melting
your rings

there she poses pink and plastic
against the red wine
of an evening’s aura
an awkward bird with intentions
an awkward bird with an audience

and she hums a minor key
that attaches itself to your interior
solidifying into something
three-dimensional      thriving greenly
beneath the burn of mercury-vapor lights     something
you can slip your hands into

gloves of light
tendrils of music
feathers of the flamingo
floating across your external     nocturnal expanse

(originally published in EOAGH, issue 4, 2008)


With no pics of flamingos on hand, here’s a hummingbird instead. As everyone knows, these wee birdies are freaky-fast. I was glad to get this shot:

And just because I can, here’s a picture of my scruffy, wonderful son helping me in the kitchen: