Some Women of Old-School Sci-Fi Movies

May 22, 2011

I have several old science-fiction movie posters; here are three featuring strong women — in this case, strong equals evil. Unless the woman is Barbarella. Then she’s not evil, just kinda dumb. Hmm. Attractive women just have to be either intellectually toxic or helplessly naive, don’t they?

Terror from the Year 5000. 1958. Scientist makes time machine, brings back woman from the future. Future woman wants to take healthy men back to her time for procreation. How is this a bad thing? Looks like a woman’s carnal needs are pretty scary to emasculated lab rats. Gotta love the graph paper background — makes it all the more science-y, doesn’t it?

The Wasp Woman. 1959. Cosmetics queen, afraid of growing old, creates youth serum from wasp venom. Because (unlike middle-aged men), middle-aged women are SCARY! Experiments on herself, becomes all waspy when aroused. Fear of women’s sexuality? Gee, ya think? A Roger Corman production.

Barbarella. 1968. Ah, every fanboy’s favorite bubble-headed booby (with apologies to Dr. Smith). So über-sexy she’s always getting abducted, and well, you know the rest. She’s a victim of her own desirability. Poor thing. A Dino De Laurentiis production.


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