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Ghost Signs

January 15, 2012

There are some intriguing, faded, hand-painted signs around here — “ghost signs,” they’re called, as they’re only a thin version of their former, brightly-painted selves. There’s something melancholy and mysterious about them — who painted them, how long were they in business, who frequented those businesses, what happened to all of them since? And guess what: there’s a beautifully sad Zach Selwyn song pertaining to ghost signs. It’s what got me interested in the concept in the first place.

Dolly’s Market.

Storage — of what and for whom?

Hotel Lewis — where did all your visitors go?

A modern ghost / sign of the times.

Here’s the link to Mr. Selwyn’s gorgeous, doleful song, from his album of the same name. It’s about California, but if you’re in the right mood, it can be about anywhere.  Ghost Signs


The Waters of Sabino Canyon

January 8, 2012

Spent part of  New Year’s weekend hiking Sabino Canyon Dam with my son — great way to start off the New Year. Warm weather, cool water, glorious day. Had Zach Selwyn’s song, “Tucson Afternoon,” going round in my head ever since (“I smell the breeze/through the palo verde trees . . .”).

 Cool white water from snowmelt.

Tannin + minerals + sunlight = beautiful golden cast to shallow water.

Even shallow spots are beautiful.

The young man ponders the wide open sky.

And now, “Tucson Afternoon” —

Happy New Year, Ya’ll.