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If Obama had a Vice President, He’d Look Just Like Joe Biden

March 29, 2012

And people said Dan Quayle was stupid, updated:

That’s DOCTOR Pepper, to you.

“So let me say it again: Thank you, Terry, and thank you, Dr. Pepper, and thank you, Chancellor — Dr. Paper — and thank you, Chancellor, for this partnership of yours. . . ”

— Joe Biden. Davenport, Iowa. Reported March 28, 2012 via ABC news.


Mexican Cookery for American Homes

March 29, 2012

Finished a book recently on the 1950’s (British) kitchen — amusing, colorful, and delightfully tacky. But the book reminded me that I have an old cookbook (pamphlet, really) from 1943 on Mexican food.  Published by Gebhardt’s ( a San Antonio, Texas, chili powder outfit in business from 1896 to 1988). So for your culinary amusement:

And now for a colorful sample of some exotic dishes:

Mmmm, chili dogs.

Enchiladas — now that’s more like it!

Don’t know what those little blue sandwiches are, or how they’d taste, but — they’re blue!

Chili spaghetti — once upon a time, my Dad actually liked it.

And my favorite, the Sombrero Salad:

Not that I would eat it, but it’s fun to look at.  C’mon — little hats!

Now the back cover featuring the 1943 Gebhardt product line up:

My, how our tastes have changed.


The Bones of Mythic Creatures

March 18, 2012

Saw an exhibit weeks ago (at the Tucson International Wildlife Museum) that featured the bones of mythological creatures — a cyclops’ skull, a unicorn’s horn, a centaur’s skeleton. OK, so the bones weren’t really from those creatures, but it was still a fascinating, very well-presented display. The cards beside each exhibit explain where the bones actually came from, and how archaic cultures misinterpreted the bones, but still — it’s fun to dream, to let your imagination go.

Really the skull of another giant creature — an elephant — but you can see how the ancients would think the indention in the center was for a single, huge eye.

Ah, the lance-like tusk of the narwhal. Think I like the idea of it belonging to a beautiful horsie rather than an ugly Arctic whale (whose name comes from Old Norse nahvalr : nar, corpse (from its whitish color) + hvalr, whale = corpse whale. Eeeeew.).

Most absolute favorite exhibit of all. Look Ma — no thumbs, and two sets of lungs. So impossible, but so cool.


Tucson International Wildlife Museum

March 4, 2012

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon — this place is delightful. Started out as an exhibit of a big game hunter’s trophies, but long ago morphed into a “charitable organization that funds and manages worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation, outdoor education and humanitarian services.” The Tuscon International Wildlife Museum — is fascinating, and sometimes a bit creepy (which I love!), especially the Sonoran Desert at Night walk-through exhibit, and the Great Room (wall-to-wall with all manner of stuffed heads).

What a regal way to welcome visitors.

Just like looking in the mirror, isn’t it, Mr. Ram-Bo?

Mmmm, ostrich egg! This thieving pup looks more sleepy than hungry.

Don’t recall what these creatures are called, but they look like something right out of the Star Wars Tatooine Cantina scene.

We’ve been going since our son was just a little sprout. Soon he’ll be off to college! Check it some blistering hot summer day. You won’t be sorry.