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Snow in Tucson

February 23, 2013

Wednesday afternoon (2/20/13) , winter came to southern Arizona. Made everything gorgeous, like a Christmas card. Melted away by mid-morning the next day, which is fine by us. Don’t need to muck about in dirty slush.

Snowy Table Feb 2013Hardly mojito weather! And, hey!, where did the Catalina Mountains go?

Snowy Prickly Pear Feb 2013Snow even made the wicked prickly pear behind our back wall look beautifully harmless.

Snowy Desert Morning Feb 2013Sunrise the next morning.

Hope you are warm, wherever you are.


Tucson Dog Show

February 19, 2013

For all you dog lovers out there — from last November 2012, some pics from the Dog Show held at the Pima County Fairgrounds.

schnauzersPretty pups all in a row. Getting ready for the show.

pharao houndAh, the regal pharaoh hound condescends to be scratched by a mere human. But it feels so good!

Big Dog Little CageI know dogs are supposed to like being crated, but I think this big, dignified, beautiful guy looks pretty forlorn.

Pair o MinPinsAnd lastly, a pair of MinPins –  wow, how their personalities come through in this pic! What sleek, feisty little dogs. They were both actually very friendly.