Published poet and writer of speculative fiction, editor, artist, teacher, one-time model, two-time wife, and full-time mother. The rest is none o’your beeswax, bucko.



  1. Ha Ha there you are

    Hillary, I knew you like, 200 years ago, in Dallas Tx, I meet you thru Heather Finley. You were married to a rock star. As a married couple, you were the nicer of the two.
    I think his name was Voldermort ? huh ?

    Whats up ? I see you are prolific – Go Hillary !

    I make a living as a professional artist too.

    Write me back, I was cleaning a cabinet and found some stories of yours, all typed and neat.

    Steve Prachyl

  2. Hey Hillary,

    I have been looking for you. We used to both write at SMU, and I use to date Gary from Feet First. What a long time ago that was.

    Lost track when you were in Canada and I was in Rochester.

    I am living in Boulder CO, now. I love reading your poetry again.


  3. Contact Me. 🙂


  4. Hillary, judging from the wit and creativity of your writing, I think we were in some education courses together at UT around 1982-83. Am I correct? I was named Schmidt back then…

  5. Yes — I think we probably were in the same edu classes back then — seems like such a long time ago!

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