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The Tucson Comic-Con

November 13, 2012

About 5 or more years ago, we attended one of the first Tucson Comic-Cons — held in a local comic book store (Heroes and Villans). Met the artists, got some free comics. Fast-forward to a week ago yesterday, we again went to the Tucson Comic-Con — this time it was in the Tucson Convention Center. And it was fun, indeed. Lots of comics I’ve never heard of — no surprise there, as my comic tastes are pretty old school. Some of these artists (who were manning their own tables) are spectacularly talented, some others — not so much, but they have unique ideas for story lines, so there’s that. Lots of curios, gadgets and geegaws (as my grandmother would have said) for sale: light sabers, steam punk accoutrements (ray-guns, gas masks and goggles) original paintings and sketches, jewelry, lunch boxes, indie books, t-shirts (including a Darth Vader silhouette with Mickey Mouse ears).

Also, we enjoyed the sci-fi movies and tv shows in evidence: Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Doctor  Who, etc. etc. etc. Speaking of Doctor Who, here’s a local Dalek rumbling around the Comic-Con:

The coolest part of the whole scene were the folks dressed up in their various cosplay attire. There were fairies and elves (not the slutty kind), lots o’ Star Wars denizens, a father-son zombie thing, and delightful steam punkers. Here’s my favorite couple:

Don’t know who they are — she reminded me a bit of Drusilla from BtVS — but he — don’t know who/what he is, but I loved it.

So glad to see the Tucson Comic-Con has grown up — hope it gets bigger every year.


Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane

February 22, 2012

Found some old comics from when I was a kid, and quelle surprise!, Lois Lane was a big favorite. Probably because all the women in my family are brunettes. And strong willed. And smart (heh). Girls, don’t judge — she was all we had before Buffy.

Clark Kent’s Super Brat. No. 192. January 1967. Dig that hair-do. She’s more upset over the cake than the corporal punishment.

Love how she got her own line of comics, but with the introduction of “Superman’s Girlfriend” (as if we needed to be told who she was . . .) — because otherwise, she’s not worthy of her own series.

The Demon in the Bottle. No. 76. August 1967. Seven months later, and much better hair. In the world she inhabits, how is she so puzzled by a little genie-man in a bottle? Her boyfriend flies and has x-ray vision! Gotta love the yellow paw-print bikini, though.

Lois Lane, Queen and Superman, Commoner. No. 67. August 1966. Something about her reminds me of myself . . . hmmm. Methinks it’s her expression. I’m a happy monarch, though — got my own superman to marry me years ago. And I didn’t even have to threaten to cut off his, uh, head.