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More Old Sci-Fi Movie Posters: Two Creatures and a Crabbe

October 14, 2011

Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954). Directed by Jack Arnold. German language poster (obviously).  Doesn’t look like he’d be very fast on land. Oh, and we could make all sorts of remarks about his ruby red fish lips, phallic fish head and the dark mouth of his cave, but — this is a PG site, after all.

The Creature Walks Among Us (1956). Directed by John Sherwood. Raising watery hell in San Francisco. Again, a literal fish out of water story (and, again, note those puffy red fish-lips — eeeew). Quick, doc, the needle!

And now,  a fish-man of another spawn:

Flash Gordon (1936).  Starring Larry “Buster” Crabbe. Raised in Hawaii,  Buster was an Olympian swimmer (gold medalist) who starred in everything from B-movies (Tarzan, The Most Dangerous Game, Island of Lost Souls, Buck Rogers, etc., etc.) to myriad television appearances. He worked consistently from 1930 to 1982 (in 114 titles). He died in 1983. He’s my new old movie-star crush.

Buster Crabbe, Pool-boy Extraordinaire.


It’s October: Time for Werewolves

October 6, 2011

Summer’s done, and Fall has finally come to southern Arizona. Saw a sign in a local used book store pertaining to werewolves and change, and well, I can’t resist:


That’s my version. Hope you like.


Some Women of Old-School Sci-Fi Movies

May 22, 2011

I have several old science-fiction movie posters; here are three featuring strong women — in this case, strong equals evil. Unless the woman is Barbarella. Then she’s not evil, just kinda dumb. Hmm. Attractive women just have to be either intellectually toxic or helplessly naive, don’t they?

Terror from the Year 5000. 1958. Scientist makes time machine, brings back woman from the future. Future woman wants to take healthy men back to her time for procreation. How is this a bad thing? Looks like a woman’s carnal needs are pretty scary to emasculated lab rats. Gotta love the graph paper background — makes it all the more science-y, doesn’t it?

The Wasp Woman. 1959. Cosmetics queen, afraid of growing old, creates youth serum from wasp venom. Because (unlike middle-aged men), middle-aged women are SCARY! Experiments on herself, becomes all waspy when aroused. Fear of women’s sexuality? Gee, ya think? A Roger Corman production.

Barbarella. 1968. Ah, every fanboy’s favorite bubble-headed booby (with apologies to Dr. Smith). So über-sexy she’s always getting abducted, and well, you know the rest. She’s a victim of her own desirability. Poor thing. A Dino De Laurentiis production.


Of Style and Goats

May 11, 2011

As anyone with teenagers in their house knows, Spring is one busy season: Prom, SAT, band concerts, finals, etc.  Got some cool pix from my son’s pre-Prom prep —

Fancy but uncomfortable shoes. Tell me he doesn’t look like a young Paul Weller!  Style Council paging Mister Smooth.

Mirror, mirror, etc., etc.  He is the mob.

So last Saturday our youngster was taking the SAT.  My husband and I wandered around downtown in the meanwhile, and came across lots of interesting things to photograph. Among them, this guitar signed by David Duchovny from his recent movie, “Goats.” The movie was filmed partly in Tucson, hence the guitar in the window of a local music shop (Chicago Music Store).

And a closer look:

Oh, Foxy Mulder.

By the way, the Chicago Music Store is a great place to wander around — if you have time — cluttered with stacks of all sorts of curious and cool  instruments.


One Pig to Rule Them All

March 22, 2011

Make of this what you will. (Insert snarky political commentary here.)
All I know is, when Jack the Rat Dog has on his red boots, he does not fear Godzilla in the back yard.

We should all have a pair of red boots.


Four Piglets and a Monkey Poem

March 14, 2011

What’s cuter than a piglet in red booties? Why, a piglet in boots — and hats! Sure, why not.


Arrrgh, mateys — behold ye that thar pirate pig.
Cowboy pig, at home on the range.
The standard party pig — every celebration has one.
Astro-pig — because the moon is made of bacon.

And a monkey poem:

in the office building

akin to chattering monkeys in the zoo
the clutch of women in the lobby:
outrage or glee, shrieks either way



Godzilla’s Patio Party™

October 25, 2010

Gorgeous Fall day today — just right for Godzilla’s Patio Party™! Being so close to Halloween, he invited all his demonic pals for a day of fun & games.

Godzilla greets his Mummy.

Godzilla disco dancin’ with Count Dracula.

Godzilla photo-bombing Zombie Elvis.

Godzilla racing Frankenstein’s Monster. ‘Zilla always wins.

Godzilla playing hide-and-seek with the Wolfman (who always cheats).

Godzilla: Patron Saint and Protector of Jawas.

Music was provided by the local Steel Drum Band. Here’s a shot of their grooviest drummer:

Play that funky music, white boy!