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All Those Empty Chairs

September 3, 2012

Amusing that today has been dubbed “Empty Chair Day” — usurping Labor Day. Appropriate, I suppose, considering the mess we’re in now — but when I think of an empty chair this is what comes to mind:

The National Memorial for the Oklahoma City bombing. One empty chair for each lost soul. More chairs than than you would want to count; too, too many chairs. And small chairs, for the children. The most moving memorial I’ve been to yet. Everyone one of us should see it. I’ll step off my soap box now.

Another symbolic empty seat:

Vacated lifeguard stand, Honolulu, Hawaii. Rather nicely represents the end of summer, don’t you think?

And totally off topic, here’s a recent visitor to our backyard — a baby king snake. We left him alone, because he’ll eat rats, mice, rattlers and other critters that wander over our wall.

Hope your Fall is off to a great start — and speaking of babies, my baby is a young man now, off to college and all that that entails.


More Old Sci-Fi Movie Posters: Two Creatures and a Crabbe

October 14, 2011

Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954). Directed by Jack Arnold. German language poster (obviously).  Doesn’t look like he’d be very fast on land. Oh, and we could make all sorts of remarks about his ruby red fish lips, phallic fish head and the dark mouth of his cave, but — this is a PG site, after all.

The Creature Walks Among Us (1956). Directed by John Sherwood. Raising watery hell in San Francisco. Again, a literal fish out of water story (and, again, note those puffy red fish-lips — eeeew). Quick, doc, the needle!

And now,  a fish-man of another spawn:

Flash Gordon (1936).  Starring Larry “Buster” Crabbe. Raised in Hawaii,  Buster was an Olympian swimmer (gold medalist) who starred in everything from B-movies (Tarzan, The Most Dangerous Game, Island of Lost Souls, Buck Rogers, etc., etc.) to myriad television appearances. He worked consistently from 1930 to 1982 (in 114 titles). He died in 1983. He’s my new old movie-star crush.

Buster Crabbe, Pool-boy Extraordinaire.


Finally Summer!

June 9, 2010

Temps here are now hovering around 103; time for some cool stuff.

From a roadtrip:

From summer camp:

From our backyard:

And an old poem, written while living in southern Ontario, when the AC broke down:

The Failure of Central Air-Conditioning

an evening breeze comes at last
carried in on the slim shoulder
of crickets       serenading us

with lullabies to forget
how to hate the summer’s heat

with lullabies to embrace
the languid season’s delicious warmth

so that our seams will loosen
hours later     our pods split and we uncurl
slender-green and growing


(It was not nearly as hot up there as it is in southern Arizona, but holy mole, it was humid.  Hawaii, too,  is hot and humid, but with a delicioso island breeze. And better scenery.)


Four Carlitos . . .

July 25, 2009

4 carlitos


Yum! (Ernie’s Squid)

July 14, 2009



Bunny in the Kona Sky

August 12, 2008


Three Poems for a Tuesday Morning

August 12, 2008


My host in Hilo hands me a rose apple,
big as a lump in the throat,
tasting of fresh flowers.
The tiny white worm in the core, unmindful of death.

Boys Playing Halo

puppies yapping and jostling
(my turn)
insect aliens and morphic weapons
of terrible future beauty
(no fair)
but there’s always extra ammo in the corner
and the humans are always smarter
(yeah buddy)
but always outnumbered
as a neo-Gregorian chant
(lalala I can’t hear you)
of the penultimate battle
echoes in the background
(Look OUT)

Coming to You*

She winds the ribbon of the road
around a wooden spool, her bracelet.

Houses are tossed aside, like ships stranded in the Aral Sea:
sails collapsed, song of the wind forgotten.

She looks in her rearview mirror, her compass
reflecting the stars; her breath blows them off the glass.

Oncoming traffic is anchored to the earth, like row of carved rocks,
like Olmec heads, eyes glittering granite out of the jungle.

She shifts gears; her heart is airborne,
her hair is fire.

She is the comet streaking across the woven sky of the tapestry,
she is the star falling into the open mouth of the horizon.

*This poem originally appeared as a wallpaper in Poetry Motel (1994, No.21)