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June 15, 2010

Last December, we took a roadtrip to Jerome and Sedona — Jerome’ s an old mining town (established in 1883 on Cleopatra Hill — which has a 30 degree incline!). We stayed at the Connor Hotel, in a room right over their rowdy bar. The town has several wineries — we did a tasting at the Jerome Winery(delightful patio with amazing views).


at the canyon’s edge
a gathering of stars
pulled down by the lavish
dream of gravity

(excerpt from my longer poem, “Planetary,” that suits Arizona roadtrips)


Took a daytrip on the Verde Canyon Railroad, where you can actually see bald eagles, nesting and soaring. But beware if you’re a little doggie:

What would a trip to an old mining town in Arizona be without ghosts and eerie things? Boring, that’s what. Look what we found:

Guess this car will never grow up to be a highway diner. Also found some great, creepy old doors — portals to the local Hellmouth, or just to forgotten places? Will post those another day.


Abandonment and Bliss

April 19, 2010

Abandoned Diner on Highway Between Greer and Tucson, Arizona. Between being a highway diner and its current incarnation as an empty shell, it was a short-lived video rental store.

“We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.”—Hilaire Belloc

Hotel Caliente

your bed runs parallel
to the highway outside

this fever has wrapped you
in aluminum foil        its warmth
is dreamy        delicious

the curtains are parted
the moon above the parking lot
is a snowflake        melting
beneath your gaze

a buzzer goes off        down the hall
you open the oven door
of your chest        and whisper to the bewildered
gingerbread girl stirring inside
run away        run away

run away home

(Originally published in Laurel Review, Summer 1996, Vol.30, No.2)

A Wild Thang, Trapped in a Net of Lights


Highway Diner: Winslow, Arizona

June 11, 2009

Highway Diner Winslow