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And Now Our Hearts Are Broken

April 6, 2012

Earlier this week we lost Samurai Jack, our crazy little 13 lb. rat terrier. Feisty and smart and funny, we’d had him as an integral part of our family/pack since we brought him home as a pup in 2001 — a month after 9-11. My son was then six; he and Jack have grown up together.

One of the hardest lessons we learn as pet owners is this: There comes a balance due from the love, loyalty, companionship, protection and absolute joy the furriest members of our family bring to us. And that balance is a broken heart when we lose them.

Welcome to the pack, puppy!

Road trippin’ with the pack.

Having a blast in White Sands, New Mexico.

Exploring the woods with Mho in Flagstaff, AZ

Best way to keep warm in Hannigan Meadow, AZ.

Napping with the Big Dog.

Momma gets all the best kisses.

Samurai Jack.

Jack was also the star of several Youtube shorts:

Now something less scripted:

In Doggy Heaven, Jack, we hope you are wrestling with your brother-dog Mho, doing lots of tricks for lots of treats, going on beautiful Spring day walkies, chasing down rats, dashing after balls, and going on road trips with God (with the windows down) — who will then warmly snuggle you all night long. We will miss you so much, Prince Tiny Feet. R.I.P.


One Pig to Rule Them All

March 22, 2011

Make of this what you will. (Insert snarky political commentary here.)
All I know is, when Jack the Rat Dog has on his red boots, he does not fear Godzilla in the back yard.

We should all have a pair of red boots.


The Santa Hat

December 25, 2010

The Santa hat gets around in our house:

The cutest elf,  under duress.

I don’t know about this . . .

Mom gets the hat last.

Not everyone digs the Santa hat.

Even monsters like to make merry.

Happy Holidays to all!


Backyard Wildlife

December 9, 2010

Backyard wildlife: we got lots around here. This is an honest-to-goodness Gila Monster my husband spotted lumbering around in the dirt — not in our backyard, but just behind it. Gila Monsters move very slowly, and have a venomous bite. So even if you’re tempted, don’t touch. Besides, he just looks ornery.

As opposed to this baby Javelina — who will destroy you with his cuteness. As piglets, they are soo adorable. As adults, they’re mean and stinky (really, they have an odor like fermented rotten fish). If you’re going to poke it with a stick, make sure there’s a solid wall separating the two of you. This critter was also snapped in the area just behind our backyard.

Unlike this unlucky pack rat. Snapped in a no-kill trap. Love the way our rat terriers (terrors, to rodents) focused on it. Just when you think you have a couple of spoiled baby dogs, nature and instinct kick in. Fierce, and amazing.

Apropos of nothing, here’s a pic of my son from several years ago. We were in Phoenix, having lunch at Cooperstown (yes, Alice Cooper’s restaurant — love that guy, his music, and his noms.) Fun times.


Different Shades of Blue

October 12, 2010

Everything is more beautiful in blue.

New Mexico, 2010
He’s all better now.

There’s a song by Moby, from the Southland Tales soundtrack, called “Memory Gospel” — please check it out if you’re ever in the mood for blue ambiance music.  Perfectly suits the mood of this poem, my poem with the blues —



Happy Birthday to the Best Kid Ever

September 20, 2010

Last weekend was our boy’s 16th birthday — yikes! He’s a mellow kid, and a very conscientious driver (at least with mom in the car) — so I’m not too worried about his driving solo. It’s all the other idiots on the road than cause me concern. But hey, I have a personal chauffeur now!

A sample of his birthday cards — everyone loves him! You should have seen all the birthday wishes he got from friends on Facebook! Yowza.

Harassing the little rat terrier with duck whistle. The dog starts to sing/howl if you blow that whistle for more than a minute. Hilarious!

My two guys.

My world is a better place because of my son; I am grateful for his existence everyday of my life. If that sounds sappy and sentimental, well, so what.  I believe it’s important to be grateful.


A Late Monsoon, A Happy Birthday, and Two Sides of a Butterfly

September 5, 2010

Last weekend, we had torrential rain (again) that flooded our patio (again).

Water, water, everywhere — for just a moment.

It was also my husband’s birthday recently, too. He’s my awesome guy, so he gets awesome presents! And lots of love.

My two loves.

Of course, our ratter wanted to participate in the happiness we shared.

Whatever ’tis, I wantses some too.

This little guy paid us a morning vist — and hung around long enough to get his pic snapped:

I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly,or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man.  — Zhuangzi

Now he shows us his macho side, which we don’t usually get to see:

Whatchu lookin’ at?

And then he flew away. Thank you, little pretty-pretty; your visit made my morning.