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Happy Halloween

October 23, 2011

So it’s a bit early.  If I had my way, it’d be Halloween all year round. Last month, my husband and I came home from a night out, and when we opened the patio door, this tarantula walked right in.  Seriously, like it owned the place. We chased it back out to the patio.  It crept over to a potted plant where it met up with a smaller fellah. Mother and son? Giant female and little immature male? Who knows. (Apologies for the blurry pic.) We haven’t seen either one since that night.

Care to dance the tarantella?

Anyway,  hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween!

Ooooo, spooky!


Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2010

My absolute favorite holiday! Godzilla, on the other hand, isn’t too keen on trick-or-treaters, but he promises to work on his manners.

And here’s an old poem, which I think suits this holiday, just fine:

Listening to the Devil

Open the bottle, raise the skirt,
strike the match:
There he is, no angel come down
from sunlit whitecloud heaven,
his wings wet and his powder dry.
Know him, anywhere:  the voice that tingles
the air, sprinkles flakes of rust
into your blood so it locks the jaw,
so you have to listen.  Listen,
he rides the bus with me, sits behind the driver
in a Panama hat, white sports shirt.
Listen, even now, going on and on
about how much he loves,
he loves orange sherbet so much
he’s crazy.

(Wrote this when I used to ride the bus to work in Dallas, in another lifetime. It’s based on a conversation I overheard between a snazzily dressed eldery gent, and the bus driver. It’s always been one of my personal favorites.)

Oh, and just for shiv-v-v-v-v-ers, here’s a recent pic of a baby tarantula climbing on my husband’s hand:

Mmmmm, we sure do seem to have a lot of tarantulas around here.


Of Painted Tiles and Baby Tarantulas

August 11, 2010

Had a surprise visit from a baby (!) tarantula — he appeared in our den (I say “appeared” as we didn’t see where he came from). Never seen one so small, either. Anyway, my husband took him outside to set him free (while I took video). Below are stills from that:

We have an old tile-topped table that we’ve recently cleaned up, and what a delightful scene came through the dust and grime:

Now that the monsoon rains have passed, everything is blooming, bright and colorful:

Even the chairs.


‘Tis a Beautiful Day in the Desert Southwest

April 28, 2010

‘Tis also the season for all manner of critters to come crawling back to the luscious warmth of the sun. Sometimes they’re very tame and mellow, sometimes not. Here’s a friendly gal climbing all over my husband (don’t they always?):

And here’s a poem for her, which I wrote while part of the late Will Inman‘s poetry workshop (which he very much enjoyed — the poem, I mean, though I know he loved his workshop):


Tarantula on the Patio

all morning        nothing
the shade shrinks then stretches
leans across the radiating adobe brick        nothing
until the door slams
& she tumbles
into the heat of the day rump upwards
good heavens        don’t we all


True poem, as the tarantula was creeping around on our front patio. I scooped her up in a hat and loosed her into the oleander across the street. But that was years ago. Here’s what I found on our front patio after the last wave of rain (probably a wave goodbye until August):