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Summer Time Travels

June 16, 2010

Is it summer-time travels, or summer time-travels? Either way, ’tis the season to get up and go. Quoth Mr. Bowie: “Sometimes I feel / The need to move on / So I pack a bag / And move on. . .”  (Though that’s also played in my head when I just had to have a change of emotional scenery, if you catch my drift.) Travel back with me, chiddren, to the summer of 1983 (the Reagan years, for God’s sake!), when I had the good fortune to wander around Italy. Unfettered and free, as the saying goes.

Below is the real deal, Juliet’s balcony — seems so tiny for such a monolithic story.

I think the following picture was snapped in Milan, but I’m not sure (and I didn’t make notes). But the nuns, they look happy.

And a silly, simple poem for the wanderlust frothing in all of us.


airships & dogsleds
wander freely around the world
cross all meridians
lands and seas
make perfect circles
pass through the antipodes
but always begin and end
at the same point


Can’t leave a post without a pic of the Mostest Shaggy One, Now Shorn:

Is he thinking holy thoughts? Kinda doubt it.