Original Artworks

Abandoned House — Oh! — Ghosts Inside

Abandoned Railroad Car

Abandoned Arizona Highway Diner

Angel Nesting in Cholla

Bicycle Bus Stop

Birth of Easter Bunny

Bring Me the Head of Bobba Fett

Cave Slayer

Coldest Hand

Corner of the Sky

Day-glo, Des cartes

Devil in Your Dreams

Family Room Pop Star

Fiji Mermaid

Giles, with a Chainsaw


Happy Halloween, Little Devil Dog

Happy New Year, Sacred Clown

Humpty, Beatified

Hungry Little Dogfish

Hypno Jack

I Bring You Bug

Id Demands Recognition

Little Miss Nightnare

Melon Gobbler


No One is as Beautiful as My Flying Pig

On Any Other Sunday

The One Bee Escaping the Hive of Your Dream


Project Xander

Rainbow Makes It All Better

Resident Bongo Boy

Return of Aeropig

Samurai Zombie Killer

Snarly Spike

Spike the Poser

Spike, Glaring

Spike Martyr 1

Still Life with Broken Butterfly

Summer Chair, Monsoon Sky

The Night has teeth, and I have Found Them

Today’s Lesson

Vacation Eyes

No Xanders Allowed

Xander in the Slammer

Zombie Caution


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